I got out of the I Date Free! Project because i was short on time but i still like these doodle i made for it so i’m uploading them :)

These are the chara designs in pencil. 

it think i might finish Rin because of abs

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So.. much.. amazing.. porn!! I I love you!! Your style is really hot!!!


this makes me so happy, thanks anon. I love you too!

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A collab with my friend obliquous ~~ <3!! Our boys Chrono and Rhydian. Her sketch, my brush~

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Well, here we’ve got a wip collab between me and blurocketeer :3 Her OC, Kuro, and my OC, Rhydian, getting it done alriiiiiight.

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Guuuuuuuuuuys! Help me please!! You just have to click the “vote” bottom and that’s it!

Thanks in advance!

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The DEMO is now downloadable!

Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!ng4C1C4J

Key: SDymsEug1aJDdH1C5SsyEs35UNCOHSpg4cXvSnBNrAk

Info on the demo can be found here.


We hope you all have a great time playing through this introductory chapter!

Happy Valentine’s Day from us all,

- the I Date Free! team

I made Seijuuro’s art! PLAY THIS!

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NSFW? You’ve got it ;D It’s been so long since i drew this pairing :3 it’s refreshing. Enjoy, anon.

OMG OMG OMG!!! I love the new art for Mizuki and Seijuro :)))

Ohhhh :D I’m so flattered!! I’m glad you like it >w<


Another sneak peak for the I Date Free! otome game:

Seijuro and Mizuki sketches, by Seijuro’s artist Karitsu

We’ll be updating teasers and more information of the demo and the whole game as we progress with it. Demo’s releasing day is still unknown, but keep your eyes open - and if you’re not following our official Tumblr yet, please feel free do so.

Please keep in mind that our artists are in the progress of planning sprites and trying out the best drawing techniques for them. These pictures are sketches only. 

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<3 <3 <3 demasiado grosa mi amiga!

Gracias amor <3 Ayer me quedé con ganas y al fin lo terminé. Gracias a tua :3

- Hngh!! Nagisa…..-kun

- Rei-chan… yabai…

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Done.Very awesome btw^^

Thank youuuuuuuu!! <3333

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wip of a LoL painting of Jinx for a halloween thingie :3

Happy Halloween!!

"I like you so much, Rei-chan"